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White Wristwatches That Made By Dior
Christen Dior has said: “White can be matched with anything.” And really, nothing can be purer than white. The Dior VIII Wristwatch white series comes from Dior’s world inspiration. The watches have inherited the story of the brand. They extremely expressed the elegant, then, develop the classical watch. Dior viii wristwatch series has put forward the watches that are utterly white. They have given highest salutation to Christine Dior. This showed the moment when the ladies who are wearing Dior’s designed senior clothes are dancing in the ball. Dior white wristwatch loaded all the classical stories about Dior.

Dior viii white ceramic snow diamond watch

The watch’s main materials are porcelain, stainless steel and diamonds. The watch band is ceramic. At the edge of the watch three cycles of snow shape diamonds are inlaid. It is like that winter is coming. And the pure white snow is falling down on a girl’s face. The watch is furnished with automatic movement. Perfect it is.

Dior VIII Grand Bal Resille Wristwatch

The elegant watch’ watchcase is made of high technique white porcelain and stainless steel. The edge of the watch is decorated with white pearl shape diamonds. The watch window glass is made blue gem crystal glass. On the upper of the watch white porcelain is inlaid。 Half of the watch dial is inlaid with mother pearls. Look at the watch chain, utterly white ceramic with folded stainless steel. The watch is furnished automatic movement. There is an automatic rotor decorated on the watch dial. The water resister depth of the watch is 50 meters.

Dior VII Grand Bal Plumes Wristwatch

The inspiration of the watch comes from the ball and senior designed full dress. Dior VIII Grand Bal Plumes Wristwatch show the instant of the spinning full dress with the feather shape, developed the elegant of the watch. I believe little ladies can refuse the tempting of the watch.

Dior VIII Baguette

Christine has said: “Red is my lucky color.” And in the integral new Dior viii baguette series diamonds wristwatch, there is a watch ornamented by red gem. The weight of all the re gem on the watch can be 50 karats. The red gem contrast with the white ceramic watch band and shining diamonds shake your eyes at the moment.

Dior, this elegant and legendary lady has created a Dior world for us. What she brought for us and did for us should be remembered. The three watches must have conquered you again in a elegant way.

Not only Dior has designed white watch, but also a lot of Swiss watches are elegant white.
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